Boulder’s House Sitters

House Sitting: Bonded and Insured, No Pet Required!

While our staff excels at top-quality pet care, having a pet is by no means required if you’re leaving town and want your home occupied and well-tended. Our sitters are bonded and insured. Before the keys exchange hands, we’ll sit down to make sure all of your concerns are addressed: from appliances to mail to care of that special plant.

You’ll hit the road knowing that Boulder Pet Care’s trusted staff is holding down the fort. Our presence can dissuade potential burglars, and if any home-related emergencies arise (burst pipes, etc.), you can be assured of a level-headed response. Like all of our services, our house sitting is done with presence, maturity, and most important of all, a high level of respect for your family’s home. Pet or no, you’ll return to a home that was just the way you left it!