How to Find a Pet Sitter

Choosing the Right Pet Sitter

In Boulder, it’s easy to find a pet sitter that offers low rates. Finding a pet sitter who will provide you with the best level of care takes a bit of inquiry. It’s well worth asking your potential sitter these questions before you entrust both your home and your four-legged family member to a pet care provider:

  • Do they have references from local families? You should be able to contact them; moreover, their praise should be enthusiastic.
  • Do they offer a home consultation to meet you and your pets? Just handing off a house key sets the stage for miscommunication and potentially serious problems. “We’ll just show up” is a warning sign. Your sitter should be willing to meet you, your animals, and go over the routines of the house, as well as any special care requirements.
  • How experienced are they with animals? Do they know, for example, to check the cat box to make sure your cat is urinating? Some cats get stressed and stop drinking when their owners are away, leading to potential urinary tract issues. Some treat pet sitting as a business, not a passion. Are you getting a dedicated animal lover or a disinterested part-timer just looking for a few extra dollars? Your pet will notice the difference, and so will you.
  • Does their website have testimonials and a trustworthy, professional presence?
  • Do you know if the company representative is going to be the actual sitter? Some larger operations hand off care multiple times. This can create more stress for the pet and more opportunities for things to go wrong. Plus, wouldn’t you like to meet the person who will actually be in your home?
  • Are they insured and bonded through a reputable carrier?
  • Have they provided a phone number at which they can always be reached?
  • How will they treat your home? Discuss your expectations about how they will conduct themselves. Nobody wants an entitled or careless sitter who won’t respect the sanctity of your home.