In Home Pet Sitting

In Home Pet Care: An Extension of the Owner’s Love

Dog snuggling with pet sitter

In-home pet sitting professionals spend quality time with your pet, easing the loneliness that can sometimes accompany your absence.

Our staff’s deep knowledge of pet behavior and nutrition—combined with a genuine love of and rapport with animals—makes us the most trusted in-home pet sitting service in Boulder.

Some pet services offer quick visits from a rotating staff. “Fill the bowl and go home” isn’t our style. We meet with you and your pet before you travel, giving us a chance to make your pet comfortable with our presence. We’ll discuss your pet’s needs in detail. Do they crave a walk at a particular park? What behavior issues have you been working on? We learn your training methods—down to preferred hand signals—so your good work with your pet is reinforced while you’re gone.

During our time with your pet, we take copious notes and carefully observe behavior. We also send the same caretaker every time—as opposed to perfunctory visits from a rotating cast of part-timers who may or may not care deeply about what they’re doing. This level of care lets us spot health or behavioral problems that feed-and-go services sometimes miss. Our staff are dedicated pet enthusiasts who have decades of experience caring for animals. To us, your pet is not a “task” to get out of the way. The value of our approach shows in the growing number of Boulder families who want a less stressful alternative to boarding or large pet care companies and won’t trust their pet to anyone else.