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Why In Home Pet Boarding?

It’s not an easy call: You want to be able to focus on your business trip or enjoy your vacation while being confident that your pet is safe, happy and secure. But what service should you trust with your pet?

Many pet boarding services tout their excellent facilities and rates—and some are quite good. However, there’s just no substitute for your animal getting care right where it’s most comfortable—your home.

Boulder Pet Care has forged an excellent reputation with loving pet owners who want the very best service. Our rapport and extensive experience springs from a genuine love of animals. It shows in our attention to our work and the details of care. We consider ourselves without peer, and many families turn to us again and again. For many pets, we’re a happy alternative to the stress that both separation from their owners and a strange environment can sometimes cause. 
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Beyond Dog Boarding: Our Approach

Two dogs sitting in nature

Dog boarding can't provide this kind of quality nature time

We meet with you beforehand to learn about your dog and establish familiarity before you leave. We work to ensure that important behavior or diet issues are treated as thoughtfully as if you were here yourself. Unlike most kennels or boarding services, we will tailor our work with your dog to include upkeep of walking routines and training preferences. Because we’re animal lovers, we work as an extension of your family, minimizing stress and reinforcing your good work on your dog’s behavior and diet.

Your dog will enjoy the attentions of a dedicated guardian who will provide a single, consistent friendly face they see while you’re away. We observe your dog closely, noting changes which might signal stress or a health problem, and react with professionalism and compassion.

There are few doggie boarding experiences that can match Boulder Pet Care’s caring and expertise. 
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Cat Boarding Alternatives

Your family has a special bond with your cat. When it’s time to consider a cat boarding alternative, please consider Boulder Pet Care. You—and your cat— will appreciate the services of a small, conscientious team that has an incredible rapport with animals and who has won the trust of many, many families just like yours.

A cat sitting in her favorite sunny spot

Cat boarding takes your cat out of her happy place: your home

We can not only spare your cat the potential stress and loneliness that sometimes comes with traditional boarding—we bring years of observational experience to bear on your cat’s health and happiness. While lesser trained providers can still fill the food and water dishes, Boulder families rely on our decades of pet care experience and our sensitive eye for animal behavior to make sure they return to a safe, healthy pet.

We’ve won the trust of families just like yours with our conscientious, thorough, and loving alternative to cat boarding.
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