Boulder’s Dog Walkers

Dog Walking Services: More than Just a Walk in the Park

Lots of pet services offer rates for basic dog walking. Boulder Pet Care goes beyond the basics, working with you to make sure your dog’s trail and park time provide exercise and reinforcement of desired goals.

White dog playing in the creek

Play time is the essence of our specialized dog walking service

Is exercise your main concern? Our dog walkers can take them on a brisk, two-hour hike in Indian Peaks Wilderness. Is better socialization one of the things you want for your pet? We can arrange the same hike with your dog’s best buddies or spend time at a dog park.

We discuss all behavioral issues with you; if you haven’t had time to work on important behaviors (such as becoming territorial with other dogs in public), we can use our walking time to address that. Your walker will extend your desired training to the outing, so your dog is getting good reinforcement as well as much-needed exercise.

Our business is founded on a true love and rapport with pets of all kinds. It makes us better at everything we do—even a basic service like walking. We offer more than convenience. We turn a walk into an opportunity for a happier, better disciplined pet.