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In Home Cat and Dog Sitting: Complete Peace of Mind for Extended Stays

Your pet’s happiness, your peace of mind, and the sanctity of your home are all critical, interconnected issues when you’re looking for a pet sitting service. Boulder Pet Care’s small, dedicated staff of pet care providers ensures all three.

Why can you be confident that you’re hiring the best pet sitters in Boulder? Because we’re pet lovers first and foremost. We approach care of your animal like we would the care of a friend. Our knowledge of pet behavior and the time we spend learning about your pet means they’re less stressed out and happier while you’re away. This also means you’re less stressed out while you’re away.

We’re bonded and insured. And because we’re a small team, you know exactly who will be caring for your animal and your house the entire time. Some pet sitting services employ dozens of caretakers, which means it’s more likely that important information about your pet or home will slip through the cracks. If you’re leaving town and want the utmost confidence how your home and pet care while you’re away, let’s meet.
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Dog Sitters

Three dogs on a special ski dog walk

The ski dog team. Not your every day dog walk! Our dog sitting and dog walking include special outings like this.

What level of service do you and your dog need from your sitter? Special attention to certain behavioral issues? Social time with their best dog buddies on a favorite trail? Name it. Boulder Pet Care’s services are tailored to what makes your dog the most happy and secure, providing a natural extension of your routine—and your love.

Our 15 years as in-home sitting professionals have taught us that providing loving continuity and close attentiveness to detail earns a family’s trust and repeat business. Whether our clients leave us with a new puppy or an old stick-chasing veteran, our clients leave town absolutely secure in the knowledge that their pets’ health and happiness is safeguarded by the most conscientious sitters in the business. From nutrition to playtime, we become the extra family member who cares for your dog just as you would.

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Cat Sitting

Cat hiding in a bag

Our in-home cat sitting keeps cats happy and playful!

Our cat sitting services provide you with a compassionate alternative to the potential stress and dislocation of boarding. There is simply no substitute for your kitty’s intimate home world and its favorite nooks, tastes and smells. While we can’t impersonate you, we put the highest focus on learning about your cat’s preferences, patterns and need for companionship.

We just plain love cats. And while yours may miss you, the next best thing is a sitter that understands their rhythms and unique needs—whether they’re nutritional or emotional. You won’t find sitters that put more care into your cat and home than we do. If you want your cat to have the best days possible while you’re away, find out more about the uniquely tailored services that have won the trust and confidence of so many Boulder cat owners.

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